Veolia Nuclear Solutions Strategy | 2022

Who Are Veolia?


Veolia are ‘the UK leader in resource management, we provide a comprehensive range of waste, water and energy management services designed to build The Circular Economy and protect the environment.


As a direct result of the new communications channel ‘SPARK’ the concept of feedback for all staff has been improved together with the concept of being listened to and having a voice”. Celina – Chief People Officer VNS UK

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The Brief

To identify an online platform and build a channel or ‘programme’ for internal usage across the UK Veolia Nuclear Solutions business. The channel or ‘programme’ is to be created as a place where Veolia employees can go to interact, learn and innovate. It’s to be a point of ideas, information, human stories and brain-stretching challenges.


The Challenge

Through an initial channel audit and series of workshops we identified both the core identity of the brand and the essential role that the comms channel would play. 

Veolia Nuclear Solutions provide a remarkable ‘bespoke’ nuclear damage limitation services that, without exaggeration, are ‘life-changing’. For example, they were deployed at Fukushima in Japan after the 2011 tsunami and nuclear power plant disaster to prevent meltdown. Through a series of business expansions and office moves, they felt that some of the vital spark had been lost between team members – that the problem-solving curiosity required to be ahead of the curve had, to some degree, been diminished.

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The Outcome

Through a deep dive with their comms team and key stakeholders, we identified the core elements of the brand pillars that they wanted to re-ignite and that would re-unify the workforce. Quickly we established that this needed to be more than an ‘information intranet’ talking about motivational workforce days and instead be a ‘hothouse’ of inspiration, creativity and, in the post-pandemic world, unity.

In collaboration with the heads of the main ‘pillar’ departments (People, Tech and Capabilities), we devised a content plan that would launch a series of challenges… each targeted to pique the interest of the personnel while drawing on the heritage and achievements of the organisation.

Each of these challenges were specifically designed to be inclusive and engage every member of staff, from R&D, through to finance, support and logistics. Veolia Nuclear’s success is built on teamwork at times of huge crisis, so the creative had to be egalitarian and not just about the ‘ideas’ people in the backrooms.

The programme proved so successful PinPoint Media are being instructed to rollout the 2023 SPARK programme in Japan, USA, France and the UK.

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