Insane Grain – Insane Kane AR Packaging | 2023

Who are Insane Grain?

We are going #AgainstTheGrain, to bring you something that is truly unique, something that is truly insane! – Insane Grain

Insane Grain

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Insane Grain


The Brief

Insane Grain are a company who don’t do anything ordinary! Insane Grain realised that with a business name that rhymed with Kane, they should take the opportunity to try and score Harry Kane as a brand ambassador however it would take a creative opportunity in order to get his attention and even further win him over. After attending one of  PinPoint Media’s Content Shift events, they realised incorporating AI into their packaging was an opportunity they had to grasp in order to stand out in their competitive market.


The Challenge

Incorporating AR into food packaging is something that is still up and coming and whilst we didn’t have a vast amount of relatable examples, we saw this as an opportunity to shape how consumers experience AR before consuming the product.

Insane Kane
Insane Kane


The Outcome

The product was a smash hit! Insane Kane had sold out on the website as well as their TikTok shop. To celebrate the success Insane Grain took to their TikTok Channel which showcased many consumers successfully using the AR feature. With various multi-sensory aspects such as hearing Kane’s voice and image assets that came to life once users scanned over the QR code. 

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