Positions we have available will be listed below but even if there aren’t any, we welcome enquiries. Why not send us an email with some compelling reasons why you’d be a good fit? You never know where it might lead.

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Working at PinPoint

We’ve worked hard to create a refreshing, vibrant and dynamic environment that brings out the best in our team. A happy workplace means happy people and happy clients!


Join us to become part of our team producing brilliant media that works for our fantastic clients. Whether you’re an editor, producer, animator or camera operator who feels that you’ve got what it takes, get in touch.


Our business is only as successful as the people within it. Therefore, we promise to create an environment which is:



  • We are plain speaking, inclusive and honest
  • Challenging the norm is encouraged
  • There’s no corporate nonsense and pointless hierarchy


  • Creativity is championed
  • You are given the opportunity to adventure, explore and learn
  • Your voice will be heard just as loud as anyone else’s
  • You can excel and grow
  • We trust you to do the job you are employed to do, take ownership of projects and run with them



  • Good ideas are recognised
  • Exceptional work is celebrated
  • You are paid a competitive salary and aren’t stuck in one place