Our Beliefs.

Our workforce is the most valuable asset we have. We’re committed to inclusivity, not just in our workplace – but in our ideas and creativity. To create work that truly reflects the amazing lived experiences of people all over the world.


How we work

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No Nonsense

We’re clear, concise, and calculated. Acronyms and jargon have no place here. We’re straight shooting and deliver results.



From new platform adoption to virtual briefings. Our team are more than happy to flex as your content and campaigns evolve. After all, it’s never one size fits all. 


Clear Goals Up-Front

Clarity is key. Setting the expectations and goals early on in any relationship ensures a more enjoyable working experience and a clear gauge on progress and success.


Open Doors

We’re an extension of your already amazing team. Our door is always open and when you work with us you’ll find we become one of your closest creative and strategic partners.


No Big Reveals

BOO! Only joking. Our client services and deliverables teams are so clear from the outset with expectations that you never need to worry about any hidden costs or missed objectives.



Like all entrepreneurial businesses we’ve had to adapt and overcome. Like you, we’re focused on success. It’s testament to our highly agile and adaptable team and trusting clients that we’ve been lucky enough to grow year on year for over a decade.

No More Stuff for the Sake of Stuff.

With data-driven accountability, results-driven campaigns, and creative storytelling at the heart of everything we do, no nonsense means we work with purpose. 

Our commitment to creating content that cuts through and delivers results began when our founder Oliver Bruce set up the business over a decade ago aged 19 years old after recognising businesses were eager for video but lacked funds or knowledge on how to start.

A decade on we combine the power of technology with human insight to drive real growth for industry leading clients. Our mission? Creating content that connects people and brands in meaningful ways!


Key contacts

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Oliver Bruce PinPoint Media

Oliver Bruce

Chief Executive Officer

With a passion for entrepreneurialism, Oliver founded PinPoint Media aged 19 from his university halls. Today this business has evolved into offices located across the UK from London to Cheltenham and Manchester offering tech-driven digital-first content marketing to brands all over the world! Apart from driving innovation through Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Blockchain & Web3 capabilities - Oliver also hosts an award-winning podcast 'Success Is In The Mind' ranked globally in the top 5% of shared podcasts on Spotify.

Fergus Bruce PinPoint Media

Fergus Bruce

Managing Director

Fergus is a powerhouse in the events, brand activation and content marketing industries. He's connected with major leagues like O2, Relentless, Moet and Coca-Cola. Now PinPoint Media's Managing Director, Fergus has used all of his expertise and resources to make sure the company remains on top amidst an ever-changing digital landscape.

Amy Green PinPoint Media

Amy Green

Sales & Marketing Director

Amy brings more than ten years of experience in the industries of fashion, design, and tech to her current role as the Marketing & Sales Director at PinPoint Media. Amy focuses on expansion planning and growing the sales and marketing teams whilst herself exploring new business opportunities across a wide variety of sectors. Amy is passionate about pushing the boundaries between design and technology through social media platforms. She frequently serves as an expert speaker for events related to this topic; notable appearances include World Architectural Festival, Sky's corporate headquarters event PR Week @ BAFTA!

Doug Hurcombe PinPoint Media

Doug Hurcombe

Creative Director

Douglas has dedicated himself to unearthing the compelling stories that lie at the centre of brand culture. This idea – pioneering content with Nike, Playstation and Lloyds Banking Group; developing an “Always-On” editorial strategy for Evian, Ballantine's & Danone - propelled him into a much sought-after Creative Director role as well as recognition in Sundance Film festivals!

Ian Smalley PinPoint Media

Ian Smalley

Head of Content Strategy

With over 15 years of experience in Digital PR and Marketing, Ian Smalley is an expert when it comes to crafting high impact strategies. He has worked with a diverse range of clients across the Lifestyle & Consumer, Sport & Leisure, B2B and B2C sectors - from The Royal Navy to Alex Thomson Racing. Combining creative content creation with data-driven strategy development means that he provides results that are not just award-winning but also highly effective at driving brand awareness and engagement through digital media channels.


Jessica Barder

Senior Creative Lead

With 18 years of experience in broadcast and digital media, Jess is passionate about creating engaging content that captivates an audience. A multi-skilled operator Jess worked in the United Arab Emirates producing lifestyle shows for both film and television, her strong grasp on technical aspects gives Jess a keen insight into preproduction quality control and creative output. Jess's creativity is unparalleled when it comes to developing briefs or scripting animation - not just film! Beyond crafting remarkable stories, Jess is a leader who is invested in cultivating teamwork with others’ success at heart.

The world of intelligent, data-led content, for us and our clients, is only just beginning and we can’t wait to share the journey with you!