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From planning and production to getting it seen, we were founded with sharable content at our heart, it just happens we do so much more than this now!

Creative & Production


Video Production

Video is ingrained in our foundation – it’s where our business started more than ten years ago. From producing content optimised for social platforms like TikTok, Meta and Shorts, to handling internal communications and even producing documentary mini-series, our team of creatives have navigated a diverse range of video content since the beginning.


2D & 3D Animation

Animation has the extraordinary ability to turn the impossible into reality and infuse a brand with vitality in ways that conventional videos simply can’t match. Whether it’s the dynamic charm of 2D animation or the immersive world of 3D animation, the potential of animation production to convey processes, evoke emotions, or unravel intricate concepts knows no bounds.


Augmented Reality (AR)

The emergence of Web Augmented Reality (WebAR) amplifies the accessibility of AR even more. Thanks to its commercial advantages and interactive essence, an increasing number of brands across different sectors are choosing to embrace Augmented Reality as a pathway to reach their audiences. With Web AR, the necessity for dedicated apps or specialized hardware is bypassed, and the data collected during AR experiences empowers brands to gain unparalleled insights into their clients’ preferences.


Virtual Reality (VR) & Mixed Reality (MR)

The traction of Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR) is on the rise. As the compelling business advantages for adopting these mediums become evident, clients are beginning to delve into their applications. VR and MR are now being explored for training and development, creating immersive experiences at events, envisioning yet-to-be-finished projects, and replicating hazardous environments.

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Graphic Design

Graphic design can take varying forms, From a brand identity to social first content, through to Out Of Home or Google display. We recognise the importance of crafting distinct and unforgettable visuals that resonate. We take pride in our capability to stir emotions and prompt contemplation.


Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing represent a versatile channel that spans the entirety of the customer journey. Our collaboration with clients entails customized strategies aligned with their objectives, be it amplifying brand exposure and consideration, or propelling conversions, installations, and registrations.



The popularity of podcasts and audio content is on the rise, primarily due to its convenient accessibility. The medium of podcasting empowers brands to cultivate a more personal bond with their audience. Podcasting acts as a vehicle to foster strong connections with your target audience or listeners and offers businesses an avenue to explore previously untapped demographics.



Photography plays a pivotal role in content creation, website development, and brand establishment. Whether it’s intricately capturing products, invoking emotions through lifestyle imagery, or even classic headshots, we’ve the capacity to produce static images both as a standalone service and to complement larger design and video projects.

Strategy & Social Media


User Generated Content (UGC)

User Generated Content, commonly known as UGC, provides brands and businesses the opportunity to tap into the authenticity of creators within specific contexts or situations. Our UGC packages kick off with a minimum of six pieces of impactful content every month. Tailored for the realm of direct-to-consumer and consumer-focused businesses, UGC content presents an accessible and scalable solution to content creation that deeply connects with your intended audience.


Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing represent a versatile channel that spans the entirety of the customer journey. Our collaboration with clients entails customized strategies aligned with their objectives, be it amplifying brand exposure and consideration, or propelling conversions, installations, and registrations.


Persona & Tribe Development

Crafting personas or ‘Tribes’ often goes unnoticed by many brands. It’s vital to ensure these personas are in sync with the content strategy and overall business goals. This alignment becomes pivotal in generating performance-driven content that not only resonates but also delivers results.

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Content & Social Strategy

Social Media has evolved beyond a mere creative choice. Without tailoring your content or strategy to your audience and optimising each channel, transformation won’t happen. Specialising in “algorithm-friendly” strategies across the likes of TikTok, Meta, LinkedIn, and Twitch. Our team is skilled in executing effective content strategies for household names, no matter the complexity. A smart strategy sets clear KPIs, guaranteeing results and performance to boast about.

Paid Media & Distribution

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Paid Social

We manage your Paid Social portfolio comprehensively – from strategising and budgeting to implementing, refining, reporting, and assessing creative content. Our central aim are your results. We simplify the understanding of performance changes, whether positive or negative and enhance and reassess as needed. Optimisation is a continuous effort. We closely track ad performance daily, adjusting budgets, audiences, creatives, and bidding strategies to uphold excellent outcomes across your networks.


Digital Search & Display Ads

Harnessing digital localisation and precise targeting guarantees the optimal return on your media investment. Our media team focuses on geo-targeted and postcode-specific campaigns through platforms like Sky Adsmart and the Google Suite ensuring your campaign has a substantial impact.

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TV Commercials

Creating television commercials in collaboration with prominent networks such as Sky, ITV, and Channel 4 can spark buzz around your brand. A skillfully crafted advertisement that resonates with your desired audience holds tremendous potential. Opting for Sky Adsmart offers a tailored avenue, enabling precise targeting by demographics and locations, making it an excellent choice for a more focused strategy.

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Google Ads & PPC

Our team of Google Ads specialists will partner with you to tailor campaigns to your distinct needs, whether they’re local or worldwide in scope. We ensure each investment yields visible returns. Optimisation is a continuous practice. We scrutinise ad performance daily, making adjustments to budgets, audiences, creatives, and bidding strategies.

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Out of Home

When aiming to create a distinctive nationwide out-of-home campaign, a powerful 360-degree strategy can truly set you apart. Out-of-home campaigns offer a dynamic platform to convey your message in an immersive manner that extends beyond standard media avenues. This effectiveness multiplies when fused with a holistic 360-degree approach, encompassing online and mobile elements that enhance the out-of-home impact.


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Andrew Harkness, Head of Performance Marketing


"With PinPoint Media's guidance, our TikTok game has unquestionably strengthened. They helped us grow a 7 figure pipeline. If you're seeking a solid TikTok strategy without the usual runaround, consider them".

Client Logo BNY

Phil Canale, International Business Planning Lead

BNY Mellon

"Can’t rate this company highly enough. An absolute delight to work with. If you are looking for a media company that collaborates with you and listens to you to bring your vision to life then look no further. Highly recommended."

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Laura Johnson, Sales & Marketing Director


“The two films you produced for us are great. The remit wasn’t the easiest to follow but the outcome was wonderful!”

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Valerie Bielstein, Marketing & Communications Manager

Veolia Nuclear

"The success seen internally from the SPARK programme designed by PinPoint inclusive of content produced by PinPoint Media was so successful in the UK that we've decided to implement it throughout our other offices internationally! Thank you."

Client Logo Police

Sophie Arnold, Communications Officer

Avon and Somerset Police

"Pinpoint Media’s response to the creative brief demonstrated their ability to bring characters to life through animation, development of a strong creative narrative and experience of creating content for social media."

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Holly Bolus, Marketing Manager


"Having worked together for a number of years, from the start they have gone above and beyond and it is always a pleasure to work with the crew."

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