Paid Media & Media Buying

End-to-end ownership from purchase to placement, strategy to creative, performance to reporting.

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Paid Media & Traceability

In the digital age, paid media campaigns are highly trackable, allowing for detailed measurement of their effectiveness. This traceability is crucial because it provides measurable metrics to evaluate the success of the marketing campaign.

Media Buying & Partnerships

Media buying involves purchasing advertising space across various media channels, such as TV, radio, outdoor billboards, etc. Our strategic partnerships with media providers like Sky Adsmart, Global, and JCDecaux enable us to access a broader range of advertising opportunities and platforms, leading to increased exposure for our clients’ brands on both national and international scales.

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Data-driven Delivery

Our approach to paid media and media buying is both methodical and data-driven. This means that decisions are based on thorough analysis and strategic planning, rather than solely responding to immediate circumstances. The incorporation of data into decision-making ensures that campaigns are better aligned with the target audience’s preferences and behaviours.

Marketing Funnel Purpose

Paid media and media buying play a significant role in the marketing funnel. From raising brand awareness to driving sales, these activities have specific purposes at different stages of the customer journey. When executed correctly, they contribute to guiding potential customers through the funnel and converting them into loyal customers.

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From start-ups to big brands; charities, local business and household corporates – We’ve delivered on our mission to create smart-thinking, human content that connects. But don’t just take our word for it…
Payhawk launches blitz campaign in Las Vegas
1.1 Million Impressions
GRFC - Marketing & OOH Campaign | 2022
Sprint Power LinkedIn Strategy | 2023
Implimented UK and US Performance Strategy
PayZe - Social Content Using Artificial Intelligence | 2023
Increased Downloads By 345%

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