Canna UK’s First Outstanding OOH Campaign

Who are Canna UK?

CANNA is the producer of nutrients and growing mediums for the cultivation of fast growing plants. Ever since the founding in the early 90s, all products are scientifically tested first, before put on the market. But even before the company was established, the founders were already scientifically pioneering with plants. – Canna

Canna UK

Our ads have never looked so good. PinPoint understands our audience and the message we’re trying to convey. They’ve come up with a really smart and attention-grabbing campaign’ – Canna UK

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The Brief

Having worked with Canna UK over the last 6 years, PinPoint Media have built upon their portfolio with Canna UK, having started off with video production to working on their social media (paid and organic) to implement influencer partnerships. 


Therefore, Canna turned to PinPoint Media for the creation of their first out-of-home campaign.   


The message behind the campaign was ‘with the right combination of products, customers can hit the jackpot’ when growing their produce.


The Challenge

As AI allows us to think more creatively in our campaigns, sometimes the technology doesn’t always match up with our visions. In Canna’s case, a design aspect we wanted to integrate with our billboards was money and tree plants, making the leaves of the plants interlink with the ‘hitting the jackpot’ aspect which strikes out to our billboard on-goers. 


Not only that but from a logistical perspective, challenges included picking out suitable and effective locations for Canna’s billboards. Whilst the ideal message behind the billboard was to drive sales, the OOH helped bring awareness for those looking for agriculture growth products.    

Canna UK
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The Outcome

With good data behind the audience and a strategy in place, the billboards were located in 5 locations across the country.


With a mix of Midjourney and Photoshop our creative team were able to make a seamless look when it came to overcoming the technological struggles. 


The positioning of the ads resulted in urban areas where Canna’s audience could easily find Hydroponics stores.


The relationship between PinPoint Media and Canna UK has continued to blossom and we are excited to see what campaign we work on next together.

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