Future Homes Hub | 2023

Who are Future Homes Hub?

‘The Future Homes Hub has been established to facilitate the collaboration needed within and beyond the new homes sector to help meet the climate and environmental challenges ahead.’

Future Homes Hub

The PinPoint team were excellent at taking us through the process of telling our story and bringing our vision to life. We’re delighted with the final film and have received excellent feedback from delegates at our conference. Thank you PinPoint team!FHH

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Future Homes Hub: PinPoint Media 2023


The Brief

Future Homes Hub asked PinPoint Media if they would create a production piece which would interview a variety of environmental corporate leaders who are attempting to tackle the harsh challenges of Government regulations when it comes to ecological property development. The produced film would help kick-off the 2023 Future Homes Conference having its debut premiere before the conference started. 


The Challenge

Whilst the task was no challenge for our team to undertake, the true challenge was juggling the schedules of our interviewees. With high-profile leaders having calendars booked up, being able to undertake filming within such a short window of time was a challenge our team had to face.  

From a production point of view, one of the challenges our editing team faced was being able to give enough air time to the interviewees. With so much to discuss, interviews were reaching the 30 – 60 minute mark with the overall end film needing to be a 4 minute video.

FHH 2023
FHH 2023


The Outcome

The challenge saw our team successfully work across multiple locations around London achieving all timed targets. Post-production, the editors and producers worked through the hours of footage together to identify the key messages that resonated with the audience whilst managing to keep to the time limit of 4 minutes.

The film was successfully shown to an audience of 400 and has now been published on Future Homes Hub LinkedIn page. 

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