Land App – Brand Awareness & Email Marketing Campaigns 2023

Who are Land App?

Land use simply must be made easier to understand and analyse. Ultimately, we need a digital twin that allows us to plan for ecological and financial resilience to address the twin crises of our time: rapidly declining biodiversity and climate change. – Land App

Land App


‘We called in the experts at PP Media to support our full transition to HubSpot, as well as build strong Social Campaigns on LinkedIn. The team’s professionalism and attention to detail made the 3-months fly-by, and we are certainly in a much stronger position now. The system is now beyond expectations, and it has put us in a great stead to begin our scale-up journey. Hugely grateful, and hopefully this isn’t the last time we work with PP Media’  – Dan Geerah, Head of Growth, 

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Land App


The Brief

The Land App had chosen PinPoint Media as they were looking for support with a key focus on CRM and HubSpot automation, management and optimisation adjacent to Social Media & Content management, targeting and distribution.

Both the Hubspot email campaign and LinkedIn brand awareness campaign would run for 3 months with ads running off the back of the campaign in order to drive that brand awareness.


The Challenge

Like any campaign, it is important to segment your audiences however due to how niche the Land App is, appealing to the optimum audience was one of the biggest challenges we faced when creating our targeted audience.   

Land App
Land App


The Outcome

After the 3 months, The Land App became a strong stand-out brand within its audience due to the efforts put behind both parts of the campaign.

The Land App LinkedIn campaign went live on the 9th of October and ran until the end of December. We split our campaigns based on targeting audiences related to Farmers & Ecologists membership skills. Overall, the campaign performed well reaching over 150k users, and  also managed to attribute 636 clicks to their website, despite the campaign’s primary objective of brand awareness.

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