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Who are Myracle Kitchen?

Myracle Kitchen®  make food and drink ‘myracles’ for everyone: organic, sustainable, healthy, plant-based alternatives that taste mind-blowingly good.

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The Brief

We needed to inspire, educate and align with some very strong brand guidelines with a small budget and stock images. Our animation team used their magic to create a 30 second advert to advertise on YouTube across the US.


The Challenge

Mylk is a relatively new product in the US, so nurture brands want to stand out in a saturated market for vegans and the health conscious tribes. Like James Corden, we need the creative to be humble, honest, a little self deprecating, but enthusiastic, witty and likeable!

Myracle 2
Myracle 3


The Outcome

Our animation team pulled together some vibey, hippy stock images to align with their tone of voice and scripted and elevated this advert through snappy edits and upbeat, enthusiastic music, allowing the advert to quickly grab attention and engage new audiences.

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