GRFC – Marketing & OOH Campaign | 2022

Who Are Gloucester Rugby?

Gloucestershire’s local rugby club who were interested in PinPoint Media to provide Generation Z Marketing & OOH. Attracting the next generation of fans to the club, creating young ambassadors by using the power of ‘native’ marketing.


Gloucester Rugby - Marketing & OOH

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The Brief

Gloucester Rugby Club were looking to explore how to lower their age demographic of supporters as a succession plan for fans and the club respectively over the next handful of years and into future seasons. The goal, to attract Generation Z to the club for the 22/23 season. 

GRFC were also looking for out of home content to be produced and distributed per game as it was important not to segregate and focus primarily on one audience type.


The Challenge

Gloucester Rugby has an incredibly passionate and dedicated supporter base – unlike anything I’ve come across. We want to ensure we honour that passion with our existing supporters while crucially, encourage that same fandom amongst younger audiences for the long-term growth of the club. We’re excited to work with PinPoint on bringing that ambition to life.”

Nicol McClelland, Head of Marketing for Gloucester Rugby.

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The Outcome

We undertook a messaging workshop with GRFC identifying the 22/23 slogan for OOH which was “It’s in the blood” this became the underlying phrase for the 22/23 season for all content online and offline. 

For fans that fit the Generation Z criteria, we focused on targeting them across TikTok and Instagram based on proximity to the club. With an initial press release we asked potential content creators to submit their own UGC content to show why they should be a brand ambassador for the 22/23 season. 

The first TikTok campaign named ‘Heartbeat’ was inspired by the audience themselves, highlighting the experience of the club through the lens of their young supporters at Kingsholm Stadium. A regular drumbeat of content by fans, capturing what it feels like to have Gloucester ‘In the Blood’.  

Creators had the opportunity to receive tickets and to be selected for matches, access behind the scenes, and get the chance to meet some of the Gloucester Rugby players. Content was then posted natively on the platform to ensure optimisation. We produced a road-map of content themes during our organic and paid social strategy planning session. 

Our out of home campaign in partnership with Global was designed around the slogan phrase ‘It’s in your blood’ and aligned to each game of the season. With bespoke design per game the OOH was displayed at train stations and on buses throughout the county in the run up to key games. 

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