Dr PawPaw YOUR gorgeous SKIN – Cosmetic Brand Launch

Who are Dr PAWPAW?

Dr.PAWPAW create multipurpose lip balms and a variety of other beauty products for the whole family to use.


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The Brief

To create a suite of content to launch and market the brand new product range from Dr PAWPAW, YOUR gorgeous SKIN.

The content series needed to showcase that the products are suitable for all skin types, ‘YOUR gorgeous SKIN’ is designed to eliminate the need to purchase multiple products for multiple benefits, whilst also staying true to Dr.PAWPAW’s sustainable and planet conscious ethics.

The range includes Dr.PAWPAW’s new, trademarked ingredient, ‘PAPAYALURONIC.’


The Challenge

Highlighting the products’ USPs & ingredients was essential, however, it was equally important that the content had a sense of personality and fun. YOUR gorgeous SKIN is a product line for people and so the content NEEDED to feel human and authentic. 

Dr PAWPAW were also passionate about colours and vibrance of the new product range and so wanted to ensure that the content captured reflected this. It was imperative that the end user saw themselves reflected in the content range also and so it was vital that the product was shown on a diverse range of skin tones.

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The Outcome

To use a diverse range of models to showcase the various products, capturing them against a colour associated backdrop to ensure the product’s aesthetic was celebrated. 

In order to achieve the natural performance from the models we established a relaxed, fun vibe on set to ensure the models felt comfortable to be there true authentic selves in front of the camera. 

Due to the amount of end assets needing to be delivered we had to ensure every element of the shoot was meticously planned, involving seamless communications between cast, crew and client to best guarantee that the shooting days to run schedule.

We captured all the video content through a two-camera set up filming in 4K thereby allowing screengrabs to be taken from the footage in post production (should they wish) to thereby provide even more value to Dr PAWPAW’s investment.

As we were capturing both stills and video, it was imperative that we divided into a video team and a stills team, the stills team were given a neighbouring studio to ensure neither crew interfered with each other’s lighting set ups.

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