Ticketmaster Sport – Ticketing Launch App

Ticketmaster Sport – Ticketing Launch App

Ticketmaster Case study

“It was a pleasure working with the team at PinPoint on the day of shooting, we only had a limited time on the pitch at Twickenham for filming and the agility and remote nature of the kit brought to site meant it was pain free for me to deliver what I needed. The outcome of the video was excellent.” – Mark Yovish – President – Ticketmaster International

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The Brief

Ticketmaster Sport came to PinPoint Media wanting assistance with content to launch their new ticketing system marketing video. The issue Ticketmaster had was that the system hadn’t been fully finished and there was no active or usable version out there to demonstrate. They were seeking content that could be created using styleframes and concepts the development team had in place alongside their MVP.


The Challenge

We decided to capture the President of Ticketmaster International at a closed down Twickenham Rugby stadium, incidentally one of Ticketmaster Sports clients. This enabled a more informal and ‘in scenario’ style shot. Using an autocue to ensure Mark Yovich’s delivery was professional, consistent and efficient we worked with the Ticketmaster Sport team to script the content.

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The Outcome

Producing bespoke animation and infographics that demonstrated how the platform and ticketing system (now in circulation) would work enabled Ticketmaster Sport to go to market with an offering and updated concept prior to the launch of the platform. 

Ensuring an all encompassing approach to the content and to ensure it wasn’t just focused around Rugby, we used stock footage from the Ticketmaster Sport archive as well as licensed footage of grounds demonstrating the diversity and inclusivity of this platform.

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