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Barratt Developments is the nation’s leading housebuilder, creating great new places to live throughout Britain. Our business is acquiring land, obtaining planning consents and building the highest quality homes in places people aspire to live.


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“We’ve worked with PinPoint Media for over 6 years on social content, internal content and recently in 2022 virtual reality. They’ve produced some of the best videos, animations and graphics we’ve ever had, some videos of which have been shortlisted for awards. We really enjoy working with them, their team are excellent and, very importantly, they are trusted by our CEO and Executive directors. – Derek Harris, Head of PR at Barratt Developments PLC.


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The Brief

Keeping at the forefront of innovation and technology is something that Barratt Developments, as the UK’s largest house builder, are keen to secure. With the new build of the Zed House at the University of Salford underway and being unable to show people around the property prior to and during the build phase, we needed to think of a solution that would enable footfall within the property without detracting from the innovation and tech within.


The Challenge

We developed the VR Zed House. A photorealistic version of the Zed House that not only explains each element such as the heated skirting boards or the solar panels, but also enables the user to spec and design the rooms of the Zed House how they wish. Whilst the Zed House is not yet on the market and only 1 has ever been built, the proof of concept build enables Barratt and their partners to demonstrate what a ‘smart home’ of the future might look like.

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The Outcome

By using Unreal Engine to develop the visuals and ensuring all elements are to scale, we created an immersive virtual reality experience available to anyone, anywhere, if sent the correct details. A secure form of VR that showcases to those immersed in the experience what could, can and will be the sustainable home of the 21st century.

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