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Who is OpenSignal?

OpenSignal is the leading global provider of independent insights into network experience and market performance.

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The Brief

Opensignal provide independent reports and insights for  the world’s mobile communications networks based on measurements of real user experience. Our brief was to break down the barrier for B2B business performing on social media. They are wanting to drive leads and grow brand awareness through organic and paid social.


The Challenge

Organic Strategy: After identifying related tribes, their online affinities and their locations, the organic campaign, ran across LinkedIn as a primary channel, with Facebook and Twitter as secondary  – with positive growth across all key metrics based on the previous month. Content consisted of still and animations, delivered as best practice in relation to each channel.

Paid Campaign Overview: A LinkedIn paid media  campaign targeted  three specific audience categories (identified through our listening software and native platform data)

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The Outcome

Along with driving brand awareness, the key aim of the campaign was to generate leads during Opensignals participation at the MCA conference, with CTA’s driving through to a lead generation form on the Opensignal website.

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