British Heart Foundation

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By the end of the first week.


Within three and a half months.

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The Brief

The British Heart Foundation required an emotive and powerful video to help raise awareness of the steps we can all take to reduce our risk of developing heart disease from other linked conditions. We worked in partnership with their agency, Made by Sonder to create an appropriately engaging and meaningful production.

The Challenge

On this occasion, the script, storyboard and look-book had already been prepared by Made by Sonder, so our challenge was to bring them to life. Further complexity was added by the need to work with real people, not actors, all of whom had first-hand experience of heart complications and had to be coached and helped to feel comfortable in front of the cameras to tell their powerful stories. As with all charities, budget was tight, so we needed to work very efficiently to film four individual stories over two days and two locations.

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The Solution

We produced a video that tells the personal and emotional stories of people impacted by heart complications such as high blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol.

The importance of the subject matter and its life saving potential required all elements of the production process – from location scouting and set design to researching, profiling and nurturing – to play a supporting role to this message.

“This project required a team that were efficient and adaptive. PinPoint were both. Their ability to think on their feet paired with the creative insight they provided was invaluable to the project.”

Rick Fraterrigo - Creative Lead
Made by Sonder

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