ZED House, Docuseries

What is The Zed House?

The Zed House is a unique zero-carbon concept home that showcases the future of the sustainable living in the UK.


Zed House Barratt Developments docuseries


Working with PinPoint Media over the last couple of years has allowed them to fully understand our brand, business and ethos. So, it was a natural synergy to work with PinPoint on the Zed House Docuseries project. We are excited for viewers to be able to take an in-depth look at what has gone into the project and why we feel so passionate about the future of Zed House!” – Head of Corporate Communications for Barratt Developments, Tim Abbott

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The Brief

To create an engaging and entertaining series of films that documented the work done by Barratt Developments in the ZED House – a unique zero carbon concept home, that showcases the future of sustainable living in the UK. To make the ‘open source testing’ rationale for the ZED House clear to both B2B and B2C audiences, so as to not just inspire homebuyers, but challenge home developers, into thinking about the houses we build and live in NOW, not just in the future.


The Challenge

The entire aim of the ZED House is not to create an exclusive ‘house of the future’ concept home, but to examine what practical and available solutions can be pulled together by all house builders, to make a difference. 

It was vital therefore that we got people to focus on the ideas themselves, rather than just to see this as a ‘long corporate ad’. Equally important was that the brand didn’t come across as patronising or ‘preachy’ either to their counterparts or to consumers.

Our answer was to concentrate on the HUMAN STORY at the heart of the project, but in an engaging, contemporary format that could challenge and provoke, while allowing viewers to make their own decisions.

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The Outcome

To get cut-through, we took an ‘infotainment’ approach rather than the traditional 2’30” corporate video. To create a series of highly-polished but fast moving films, peppered with clips sourced from culture, in a style that audiences raised on Netflix Documentaries, Vice and Vox would be familiar with.

In collaboration with Barratt and the ZED House partners – over 40 leading organisations from across the housebuilding, sustainability and technology sectors, we created an enthralling four part docu-series. Each episode tackling a specific challenge – From environmental crisis, to supply chains, ease of modern living to rocketing energy costs.

The final product takes the viewer on a journey not just through the house itself, but the reasons why this project was happening. Films that not only examine the issues but show the kind of ‘no brainer’ practical solutions that we should be demanding of all developers, NOW

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