We recently teamed up with family-run gin business Sibling Distillery to enhance the brand’s customer journey and increase single click sales. 


Sibling Distillery set up shop in 2014, founded by four, you guessed it – Siblings. Having watched their parents run Battledown Brewery from an early age the brothers and sisters decided to go it alone. Since it’s founding, Sibling has since taken the Cotswolds and beyond by storm with their unique and delicious liquids, securing on & off-trade listings up and down the UK. 


The award-winning brand are hoping to continue their success with their latest endeavour, ‘Our House’ their own cocktail and winebar, due to open in August 2022 at the hotly anticipated Gloucester Food Dock. 


We were briefed by Sibling to enhance the customer experience, and increase dwell time whilst allowing interactive shopability and total transparency. The brief was particularly focused on Sibling’s Negroni bottles before being rolled out across the Sibling range. 


In response to the brief, we introduced smart-label and webAR technology into the execution of the project allowing any smartphone user to simply scan the neck label bringing the object to life right before their eyes, in this case, the bottle. 


PinPoint Media helps Sibling Distillery launch AR labels to improve customer journey PinPoint Media helps Sibling Distillery launch AR labels to improve customer journey


Cicely Elliott-Berry, one of the co-founders of Sibling said: “The idea of a Smart Label is especially great for producers like us who have so much to say about our products and only a few seconds to grab a customer’s attention. 


Cicely went on to say, “We get pretty excited about what we do and adding video content to our bottles is a totally unique opportunity for us to ‘sell’ the brand ourselves to every person who picks up a bottle – that’s an artisan producer’s dream!”


The technology allows users to interact with the visuals, buttons and noises by moving their phone 360 degrees around the bottle. The operator can interact with multiple pieces of content from video to animation in addition to learning what tonic is best suited to the gin, meet the Sibling team virtually, learn about what botanicals are in the gin and ‘buy more’ at the click of a button. 


WebAR technology is starting to allow brands such as Sibling to better understand their customers and continue to interact with them both online and offline. 


Harnessing data through webAR such as age, locality, gender and time of day is enabling organisations to better understand their customer base and learn when their physical offline products are being used something until recently only online services could accurately understand. 


Oliver Bruce, CEO & Founder of PinPoint Media said, “Creating a smart label through WebAR for Sibling Negroni Gin proves how versatile and effective this medium is becoming. Bringing the Sibling brand to life we’ve ensured the user’s journey is engaging, seamless and insightful at every touchpoint. As the world begins to embrace Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality we’re starting to see a real demand for an integrated and diverse approach to content marketing, particularly in the d2c markets.”


Other brands adapting to smart label technology include Unilever and a growing number of food and consumer goods companies who are using the digital tool to give consumers easy and instantaneous access to product information beyond what is on the product’s label. 


If you are looking to take your product’s shopper journey to the next level with AR, get in touch at hello@pinpoint-media.co.uk