CIISEC Live 2023

Who Are CIISEC Live?

Standing for The Chartered Institute of Information Security, provides a universally accepted focal point for the cyber and information security profession. It is an independent not-for-profit body governed by its members. It is the natural home for the cyber professional community at every career stage, representing over 35,000 individuals. CIISEC Live is a conference that features delegates from over 50,000 security professionals across Industry and Academia from C-Suites, key decision-makers, security practitioners and influencers including: Owners, Founders, Chairpersons, CEOs, Directors.

CIISEC Live 2023

What a great day to celebrate all things cyber and Information security. No wonder it was a sold-out event! I had a brilliant day of conversation and networking“. – Cyber Wales


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CIISEC Live 2023


The Brief

PinPoint Media had been asked, for a second year running, to work in partnership with the CIISEC event management to run The Chartered Institute of Information Security 2023 conference. This included running delegations such as venue sourcing, event production and managing the event on the night.  

The event production would consist of a one-day conference, with various exhibitors, and a VIP dinner the night prior to the event.


The Challenge

With our newly formed events team, this was a test of communication and teamwork that our team would have to undertake on such a scale to create a seamless experience.

Furthermore, one of the main challenges this year held for us, was to be better than the previous year. With an increasing guest count and more responsibilities, we had to create an exceedingly improved event that topped us in 2022.

CIISEC Live 2023
CIISEC Live 2023


The Outcome

The event was a staggering success with our events team managing to increase attendance by 66% with over 500 attendees. Not only that but included 30 exhibitionists and 50 speakers took part in the event. 

The events team also, impressively worked together to hold the event location at the famous Etihad Stadium which currently sees residence to Manchester City Football Club. With the location’s rich history, our events team managed to organise a tour of the stadium for our VIP attendees.   

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