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CoreAI represents our proprietary cutting-edge agency tech stack built for enterprise organisations and powered by AI. Empower smarter content decisions with seamless access to enriched insights.

CoreAI is designed to meticulously analyse and enhance all creative content, analysis and campaigns. Unlocking smart classifications, dynamic filtering, linguistic enrichments, intuitive dashboards, generative content strategies, campaign solutions and concepts through bespoke to brand AI Agents spanning the full marketing suite.

Available to clients either as a self-managed SAAS model or as an agency-managed service.

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Tribes & Persona Analysis.

AI-driven listening solutions enable us to analyse and audit large data sets effectively, helping to identify and understand audiences and create successful channel strategies. These solutions, along with audience profiling, allow for various capabilities, such as identifying industry topics and narratives, mapping and engaging with influencers, monitoring emerging trends, analysing competitor activities, and reporting on content performance.

AI Agents bespoke to you.

Need help understanding your data or developing campaign concepts? AI agents can provide insights and collaborate with you on brand strategy, content performance, and future adjustments. Engage with them like colleagues. Stay updated with real-time analysis from your personalised CoreAI Agent. Get live evaluations of content, campaigns, strategic documents, and copy, including real-time brand health assessments, performance metrics, and tailored improvement suggestions for each platform and objective.
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Learn more about your content.

Consolidate all your content data—video, images, graphics, articles, and web—into one smart dashboard. With filtering, insights, and performance metrics, this tool allows you to make more informed decisions and improve output. Features include content health scores, API integrations, and live performance metrics.

Increase volume and quality.

Submit your brand materials or connect platform APIs to your AI agent to tailor solutions to your brand. This speeds up the ideation and decision-making processes. CoreAI Agents will help craft and refine industry-specific campaigns, offering adaptable concepts that illustrate potential outcomes for discussion and enhancement.

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Reveal hidden creative factors.

Leverage AI to evaluate and analyse more than 30 significant creative elements shaping your content. This includes consolidating and visualising factors such as language style, storyline, editing speed, linguistic complexity, relevance to demographics, placement of hooks, visual layout, color palette, adherence to legal and compliance standards, brand consistency, and many other aspects.

Maximise the assets you have.

Over the years we’ve worked on a range of highly personalized geo-targeted campaigns and strategies. Ranging from external communications through to internal stakeholder communications for global organisations. Each strategy is focused on reaching specific audiences in precise locations, both online and offline. This versatility in campaign type allows us to understand market nuances, regional trends and individual motivators allowing us to cater to different marketing objectives and business requirements.

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No nonsense.
Just business sense.

From start-ups to big brands; charities, local business and household corporates – We’ve delivered on our mission to create smart-thinking, human content that connects. But don’t just take our word for it…
Land App - Brand Awareness & Email Marketing Campaigns 2023
Huboo TikTok Certified
Grew pipeline to £1.7m+
RIAT 2023 360 Marketing Campaign
CANNA UK Paid & Organic Social Media
15million + Impression

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