Post Production

Editor working on footage

Once all of your content has been shot, our post-production team takes over.


Using the foremost industry-standard hardware and software, our Editors will meticulously piece together the narrative and story of your video, alongside colour grading, music licensing, voiceover recording, sound design and mastering.


Staying true to the brief, we’ll deliver your finished video on brand, on time and on budget.

Editor working on footage

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“The production and delivery of the project was timely and professional and I’m pleased the content has repeatedly received excellent praise!”

PinPoint Media repurposed and edited existing educational content for James Caan to advertise the type of advice readers would receive in his free e-books. The purpose was to offer bite-sized pieces of educational video content as a ‘teaser’ for what readers would receive when reading his now free e-books.

“Showcase video for Avanti featuring stock footage, animation and voiceover.”

PinPoint Media produced a stock footage video and animation to showcase the international reach and service offered by Avanti.

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