Filming at CANNA event

Whether it’s promotional material before, live streaming during or a brand awareness piece afterwards, we’ll help you to capture and communicate the experiential nature of your event or conference.

Screens at live filming event

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Sporting event video for Swiss Alpine Battle.

We produced this video for Swiss Alpine Battle, who have the mission to create unique experiences and long-lasting memories through their event.

“The team went above and beyond to ensure our first-ever live-streamed Sleep Out charity event was a huge success.”

We took the Glass Door Sleep Out 2020 event fully virtual. Broadcasting live via their website and social media so that the event could be Covid-19 safe and reach a larger audience than ever before!

“The regular 'as live' content produced during events is brilliant and they act as an integral part of the team every year!”

Our suite of social media videos for The Game Fair ensured that every aspect of the event was covered and reached as many prospective punters as possible!

A promotional video for England's Medieval Festival to encouraging more people to attend the festival.

We produced a promotional video for England's Medieval Festival with the aim of encouraging more people to attend the festival and convert existing day visitors to weekend guests.

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