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We’re specialists in helping farming and land related businesses communicate the earthy essence of what they do, with practical but compelling content that brings their audiences right into their world.

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“PinPoint have once again ensured our project is a success with an amazing end result and a lot of hand-holding throughout.”

Despite heavy restrictions put in place due to the global Covid-19 pandemic, our team produced the most successful series of Farmers Apprentice in their history!

CANNA case study film for the Chelsea flower show.

We produced this case study video for CANNA, focusing on a specific farmers journey to the Chelsea Flower Show.

“A big thank you on all your work helping get the show together.”

Our team worked with Farmers Weekly successfully producing a virtual version of their annual Awards show, live streamed across multiple episodes and reaching a bigger audience than ever before!

“Recipe videos with a vibrant and refreshing look to encourage more people to use game meat in popular dishes”

We helped the British Game Alliance encourage more people to use game meat in popular dishes by producing a suite of recipe videos for social media.

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