As the AI revolution accelerates, PinPoint Media’s CoreAI is poised to lead the charge.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of marketing, agencies are racing to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Amidst this frenzy, we at PinPoint Media are stepping up as a modern-day David, ready to challenge industry Goliaths with our revolutionary AI-driven platform, CoreAI.

CoreAI’s mission is to deliver top-tier solutions across various marketing domains, including creative, performance, production, audience, and commerce. This ambition is not just theoretical; recent deployments for major players like HSBC, Huboo, PeppercornAI and Barratt Developments PLC underscore CoreAI’s practical impact.

A standout feature of CoreAI is its bespoke AI Agents solution. These agents are the latest in smart-thinking generative AI solutions, capable of observing their environment, acting independently to achieve objectives, and enhancing efficiency through learning and collaboration with humans and other agents.

CoreAI’s integrated AI-driven insights can significantly improve efficiency by replacing traditional workflows. This transformation has allowed us to enhance media and targeting effectiveness through personalised content and predictive analytics whilst scaling successful strategies and learnings to additional markets, ensuring a consistent and effective global approach. This not only saves time but also cuts costs for our clients, making marketing efforts more streamlined and impactful.

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Fergus Dyer-Smith CEO Wooshii (left) & Oliver Bruce CEO PinPoint Media / CoreAI (right)


“We’ve been amazed by the reception to CoreAI,” said Oliver Bruce, CEO of PinPoint Media. “It’s allowing our clients to work in a totally different way, improving efficiencies, outputs, and results on a global scale. Seeing organisations embrace AI to this level is hugely exciting.”

The financial commitment to AI is soaring, with enterprise organisations spending an average of $7 million on AI solutions in 2023—a figure projected to skyrocket to $18 million in 2024. CoreAI aims to capitalise on this exponential growth, providing a robust market solution for global enterprise brands.

“Working with PinPoint Media on deploying CoreAI at scale demonstrates the market’s awakening to AI solutions at varying levels,” says Fergus Dyer-Smith, CEO of Wooshii. “We’re thrilled that PinPoint Media has chosen Wooshii as the AI platform to power CoreAI.”