What social media platforms should you be using?

In a world of social change identifying the correct social media for your brand, business or
lifestyle can be hard! We all know what happened when people bet on Myspace right?
Facebook came along…

The team at data-driven content marketing agency PinPoint Media are well versed in platform
change and the identification and delivery of campaigns for brands and organisations such as
Gloucester Rugby Club and The Royal Air Force.

So, who better to ask than PinPoint Media’s team of social strategists just what platforms we
should all be betting on over the coming months and years.


BeReal, a platform initially aimed at Generation Z and developed around using both the back
and front camera on your phone simultaneously, will rise through the ranks and has already
started to see adoption with Millennials. Because of the uproar around most social platforms
focusing on selling to its users through branded adverts, it’s refreshing to see an authentic
approach to social engagement, that teamed with the focus on authenticity and reality this is
certainly one to be picked up if you want to communicate to loved ones quickly, simply and
without sending an essay on whatsapp!


WeAre8, a platform that gives the power of data back to the user. Enabling brands to upload
content and pay per second to focus groups as it’s viewed and engaged with this platform is
commercially focused but with an ethical approach and clear mission statement, WeAre8 say
“out mission is to democratise digital advertising, putting people and the planet at the economic
centre of the multi-billion-dollar digital ad ecosystem.” – whilst not a social platform that will likely
rival the giants out there, it is one that will change perception and the acceptance of what ‘data’
really means.



TikTok, whether you watch TikTok’s or make them you will certainly have heard of them! The
future for TikTok however as a growth platform is hard to call, with such astronomical uptake
and hugely advanced algorithms the adoption has been vast both for brands and consumers.
With the low barrier to entry for content creators and brands alike we’ve seen huge growth for
our clients accounts and phenomenal returns on their investment but is it sustainable? With
50% of Generation Z using TikTok as a search engine and 70% of TikTokrs saying they find
new products and brands through the platform we think we’re yet to reach the top of the TikTok
iceberg, however, growth over the next year may not be as rapid as that of the past 24 months.


YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts, for brands and content creators well versed with TikTok this is the platform
for you to jump straight into. We all know what YouTube, the world's second largest search
engine is, but what are ‘Shorts’ well, like TikTok they’re YouTube’s answer to short form, vertical
video content. According to a SemRush report we pulled, some 27.6B people visit YouTube per
month spending on average time on the site of 27 minutes 08 seconds.

When looking at the content consumed on TikTok vs YouTube the numbers are telling. TikTok averages 23.6 hrs per
month per user whilst YouTube averages 23.2 hrs per month per user. This marginal difference
is why YouTube have rolled out ‘Shorts’. We think this will grow phenomenally over the next few
months and years not least because of the SEO benefit to brands and business alike.

To find out more about what social channel is right for you or your business head over to
PinPoint Media’s website where they’ve plenty of insight and case studies.