Whatever the size of your business, there will be events in your company calendar. Whether it’s important internal team calls, or a social Christmas party to celebrate employee achievements throughout the year, these events will generate an opportunity for all, or the majority of your employees to connect digitally.

Using video for employee events allows them to be undertaken clearly and concisely, but gives you the option to re-use the video to overview the experience of the event to showcase company culture. Read on for 5 reasons why you should be using video for your employee events.


1  – You Don’t Have To Be There

Now that the world is opening up, your employees are sure to have busy social lives again, and perhaps are unable to attend certain events. Particularly if you have a large company, coordinating every member of every team can prove exhausting, even more so if your company is spread across different continents or time zones.

By videoing your employee event, you can share the edited footage taken at the event to portray the message and sentiment in a curated manner, meaning the employees not physically there can still enjoy the event later. You could even livestream the event as internal content, allowing you to pull in speeches from across the business, wherever your colleagues may be.

By using video in this way for your employee events you can eliminate FOMO and ensure each employee has equal opportunity to appreciate the occasion.


2 – You Can Capture Memories

It’s so important to document important times in your life, and this applies to your company’s life too! By using video to capture memories at employee events, you can look back on the footage in days, weeks, and years to come, and reflect on maybe how much your business has grown, or perhaps how many long term employees have celebrated milestone anniversaries in the interim.

Furthermore, employees’ contacts, friends and families might benefit from viewing an employee event. It can be good to show clients how a team works together, or let people witness the jokes from the ‘you had to be there’ moments.


3 – You Can Video Meetings

With applications such as Zoom, Google Meets and Microsoft Teams to name a few, you have the option to record a meeting as it takes place. This is particularly useful as you can refer back to moments in the meeting from the video, rather than relying only on notes. You may also pick up on more information when experiencing the meeting a second time around.

Furthermore, not only does recording meetings in this way allow people who were away for the original meeting to catch up, it also allows employees that are new to a project, or new to your company, to speedily get up to date on all the information that has been shared already. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million, and it is certainly more appealing to watch some video content than read a colleague’s shorthand!


4 – You Can Make The Event More Accessible

There are many reasons why an employee may not be able to physically attend an event, or may need extra assistance to understand the content shared. If a colleague is on annual leave, for example, a recording of the quarterly internal call, or the Christmas party where the awards for the year are given out, then filming the event would allow the absentees to still experience it.

Perhaps if an employee has a hearing impairment and needs some assistance in order to enjoy the event to the fullest, video content allows for subtitles or captions. Similarly for those with visual impairments, video content can be given an audio transcription, meaning again all colleagues can fully experience the employee event. Many systems now also have the ability to provide translation services, meaning your colleagues can enjoy the content in their native or second language.


5 – You Can Showcase Company Culture

As culture and the dynamic of a team are connected to emotion and feelings, they are hard to convey through words alone. This is why filming employee events is a great method to show company culture to potential employees, to reinforce the team dynamic in visual terms, and demonstrate to clients how this particular team works hard and celebrates success together perhaps.

Social occasions can be a big part in and of themselves in your company culture, so to capture these employee events is a great way of displaying the essence of your team. After all, you spend a lot of time with your colleagues, so, when done right, employee events can be the highlight of the week, month or even year!


Fancy using video for your next employee event? We’re here to help! Click on the link below to speak with one of our experts about how we can help capture your employee event exactly as you want.