Tesco, I would now say, are the number 1 awaited Christmas advert of the festive season. Whilst John Lewis loses touch with their festive spirit message year upon year, it seems supermarket chain Tesco is on their way to the number 1 spot. But why is this? Is it just simply because their adverts are better and resonate with the general public more than the department store? 

Tesco, last made it big in the news with their Covid-19 controversy and despite it being bad press, most likely contributed to the chain’s move up the list of awaited adverts. Because of Tesco’s risky move in 2021, it has a lot to make up for however it’s fair to say, this year’s ‘spirit-driven’ advert could be making up for it.  

Titled ‘Helping You #BecomeMoreChristmas’, Tesco aims to convince its consumers to get into the festive spirit. The 2 and half minute video, follows the narrative of a young adult struggling to #BecomeMoreChristmas despite family and friends all around finding it no trouble. Even after his trip to Tesco, he couldn’t even get into the festive spirit! 

Tesco Christmas Advert 2023
Tesco Christmas Advert 2023

In struggling times, with the ongoing cost of living crisis, the message behind the campaign is nothing more extraordinary than ‘safe’. I also question whether it tips into being a little insensitive. Many of the public would rather be in the festive spirit however with the cost of living crisis and many families wondering how they will afford Christmas this year, should Tesco have gone down a more SCR-driven advert?

Tesco, over the last decade, haven’t varied their advertising style by any means. They’ve stuck to the traditional ‘in-person’ acting and have not been creative with their Christmas production. So is it about time we see some change or are Tesco just playing it safe for the sake of sales? 

To watch the advert, click here: Helping you #BecomeMoreChristmas ⛄🎄 | Tesco 



Next up we have Peta. I will admit I clicked on the YouTube link with the hope of Peta making me have some emotion for this campaign. It’s not hard to get me crying over an advert but the goal was to get me upset! I’m sure it was also Peta’s goal as well! 

Peta's Christmas advert 2023
Peta’s Christmas advert 2023

This year, Peta has gone down the same route as their first campaign, which was released in 2022, in the style of 3D animation. The only difference is that this year had a 3D drawing animated effect on top. This smart tactic not only keeps the humanisation of the turkey alive but still conveys as much emotion as possible without the audience becoming so traumatised that they won’t watch the advert. 

The ad featuring Jane Horrocks, known for voicing the children’s character The Little Princess, voices Tessa the Turkey. The advert takes place within several snowy settings and sees Tessa singing about classic Western Christmas traditions which intertwine neatly with the company’s 2023 theme of ‘traditions’.

Whilst Tessa sings ‘trees indoors’ are ‘very jolly’ and ‘letters are sent to men with beards’ are something to be joyous about this festive period, the advert takes a swift turn when audience go-ers are met with the reality of the classic turkey tradition. The advert quickly changes its tonality and takes us through the journey of  the fate that awaits Tessa with ‘a tradition of such cruelty.’ 

Peta Christmas Advert 2023
Peta Christmas Advert 2023

PETA Vice President of Programmes Elisa Allen said: “Turkeys are smart, social individuals who don’t want or deserve to be dinner, and there is a wealth of kind and tasty animal-friendly options available to choose from. Tradition doesn’t excuse cruelty”

The campaign can be found on YouTube as well as on Peta’s social media platforms however, this is not the only place you can watch the advert. With Chicken Run 2 being released in cinemas, Peta has taken this opportunity to play the advert before the film starts to urge the chicken loving audience to go vegan this year to spare the cruelty to animals. 

Whilst many people try to skip the cinema adverts, we can appreciate a good correlation between a film and the adverts pre-film 👏.  

To watch the advert, click here: PETA’s 2023 Christmas Ad Featuring Jane Horrocks

John Lewis

John Lewis. I’m rather speechless at the department store this year. Off the top of my head, I can’t remember last year’s advert but after looking it up I’m ashamed I don’t remember as last year was an advert which enthralled the idea of a classic John Lewis Christmas advert.

Last year was the year we saw a soon-to-be Father learn how to skateboard for his new, soon-to-be-adopted, daughter. A few vague memories of this advert coming back now? Well here is the clip for last year’s advert just in case you need reminding!

Anyway, the key point behind bringing up last year’s ad, is that the standard is high. It always has been but as mentioned when discussing Tesco’s advert, how long will their #1 awaited advert reign last? 

John Lewis Christmas Advert 2023
John Lewis Christmas Advert 2023

In what seems to be a Rocky Horror Show inspired advert, this year’s campaign message translates into accepting imperfections this year. Not only that but Marketing Director Rosie Hanley states this is an advert “in friendship, making space for others and the willingness to do things differently and adapt your traditions to those around.”

A carnivorous plant, picked up by a young boy in a market, grows up to try and be something it’s traditionally not. A Christmas tree. As the venus fly trap continues to grow and becomes too big and destructive for the house and gets replaced by a ‘traditional’ christmas tree’ leaving the opera singer plant… yes you read that right… to be placed out into the snow until Christmas Day. 

Now, I’m sure we all love a few collaborations and this year audience go-ers can listen to Opera Singer Andrea Bocelli as the singer behind this year’s iconic music. This time it is quite nice as the well-known singer also has a new album dropping this year. 

John Lewis' Christmas Advert 2023
John Lewis’ Christmas Advert 2023

Whilst we’re all subject to our own opinions, the reason this year’s John Lewis advert doesn’t rank highly is due to the uncertainty people have had over it. It’s not controversial but it’s not the most questionable advert we’ve seen this year, it simply just doesn’t go down as iconic when a £700 budget production for a pub receives more praise.   

To watch the advert, click here: Watch the 2023 John Lewis Christmas advert 



For the fourth advert breakdown I thought I would discuss a brand that you might not realise even having a Christmas advert! (If you work in the marketing and social industry I would only hope you would’ve heard of this software we’re about to discuss!) With the ability to remove backgrounds, resize content at ease and have access to an extensive amount of designs and assets are there any guesses as to which creative platform I am talking about? None other than Canva!

Canva Christmas Advert 2023
Canva Christmas Advert 2023

Upon scrolling on LinkedIn, I stumbled across a Canva video and with the intention of maybe learning a new tip or two I decided to watch it however I was shocked to discover that the brand had its own Christmas advert.

Many of us will be using Canva for the festive season. Whether that be for creating content for your brand or creating content for other clients. Whilst brand awareness is already well and truly covered for Canva (yet still important) they essentially will already know that they will be the go-to platform for many this holiday season.  

Because of this, Canva has taken to creating awareness and showcasing that not only can you design on the platform but you can create a variety of physical products with your design! Something not every user will have awareness of. 

Canva Christmas Advert 2023
Canva Christmas Advert 2023

The e-commerce market is one of the global leading industries that many retailers are switching to invest in. At the beginning of 2023, Forbes predicted that the e-commerce market would reach a total of $6.3 trillion with that being a 10.4% increase in e-commerce sales. 38 E-Commerce Statistics Of 2023

With this in mind I think Canva has introduced a profitable feature to their site and is now looking to take this holiday season by storm when it comes to their profits. Where many consumers look to create something more personal, Canva has created them to be the software to go to.

Canva Christmas Advert 2023
Canva Christmas Advert 2023

A key takeaway from Canva that I haven’t seen from other brands this year, is believing in your product. Whilst posting your advert on LinkedIn is obviously important but with the ability to write copy above your video, that is your opportunity to further sell your message. And that’s exactly what they’ve done. 

Above the video LinkedIn users can find: 

And we of course used Canva to power the project and keep it on track:

📄 Canva Docs for scripts, project plans, status docs, call sheets

⭐️ Canva Whiteboards for character development and moodboards

💻 Canva Presentations for pitch decks, storyboards, treatments

📱 Canva Social Media for film posters, promotional social posts

👕 Canva Print to print everything you see in the film: holiday cards, posters, t-shirts, wall art, and the children’s storybook   

To watch the video, click here: Canva Christmas Advert 



Last but not least, conglomerate company Disney. With big budgets and the ability to feature big stars in their adverts, Disney fans eagerly wait for what advert they produce this year! But has Disney finally reached its peak? 

With bad press popping up here and there throughout the year have we finally started to see a negative sentiment towards the business? As someone from the gen-z generation and someone active on social media every day, I’ve seen a few comments that Disney is just not the same as it once was. With films not as impactful as they were and many of the films being released now, what feels like every month! Is Disney starting to lose its status?

Disney Christmas Advert 2023
Disney Christmas Advert 2023

This year Disney has jumped on the charity partnership ‘trend’ and has decided to partner with the ‘Make-a-Wish’ foundation, which often takes children to Disney parks for a child’s last wish. 

The partnership hasn’t stopped at just mentioning the charity within the advertisement. Disney has gone one step further and has announced they have donated $300,000 to Make-A-Wish International and Affiliates. Furthermore, 2023 trending toy company – Mattel, have agreed to share proceeds from every Disney Wish star Reveals mini doll. 

Whilst all of this is positive and encouraging to hear, at the end of the advert viewers learn that the foundation of this advert is ideated off the most recent Disney film that launched in November – ‘Wish’. 

Disney Christmas Advert 2023
Disney Christmas Advert 2023

When it comes to Christmas adverts, many brands have successfully created an advert where it doesn’t always have to link to a product and this for a consumer is refreshing however, this is not the campaign route Disney have gone down this year. 

Whilst we can respect the good doings of Disney and the hard work they are putting behind their CSR, to then remind people to go out and see the film rather than focussing on the spirit of Christmas or the idea ‘to give more’ this year.

The advert incorporates all aspects of diversity and the power Disney has to bring people together which has been recognised throughout its YouTube audience. “Regardless of your race, language, gender, religion or sexuality, Disney builds an empire for families based on magic and equality so as to achieve joy and happiness the world over.” However, it seems 2023’s advert just hasn’t quite hit the mark with the audience, judging by the comments left underneath the trailer on YouTube, however, Grazia has given the trailer a rating of 8/10! 

To watch the video, click here: A Wish For The Holidays | Disney Christmas Advert 2023 | Disney UK

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