We're still filming!

Filming Will Take Place In Accordance With Government Guidelines And Social Distancing Precautions.

1. Can we now film?

We are able to facilitate filming on site. We are constantly reviewing the guidelines set out by the Government and are satisfied that with pragmatic management and the maintaining of social distancing we can safely film individuals on site. More information can be found in our COVID-19 protocols and Safe Practice guide.

2. Are there other forms of marketing I can do that requires no contact?

Yes, Animation and Podcasting are two forms of media and marketing that can be utilised that are contact free. We have seen an incredible uplift in these areas over the last 2 months.

3. Can you film in offices?

We must ensure the safety of or staff and clients and will review each film shoot on a case by case basis. Indoor filming may be possible. More information can be found in our COVID-19 protocols and Safe Practice guide.

4. Do you supply crew PPE or do we?

We have ensured all crew have sufficient PPE including but not limited to hand sanitiser, masks and visors. We ask that our terms around standard ‘real world’ PPE are adhered to and any business PPE equipment essential for the role/surroundings are supplier by our clients.

5. What does a typical shoot now look like?

Of course, with the changing world we will need to constantly change the staffing of any one shoot. We always will try to keep crews to a minimum, we are able to manage with single operatives who are multifaceted, this will ensure bodies are kept to a minimum and risk mitigated to the fullest extent. More information can be found in our COVID-19 protocols and Safe Practice guide.

6. How quickly can you film?

We are able to mobilise currently within a handful of days. We must ensure all measures are taken to ensure risk assessments and safety protocols are adhered to on client site which can delay the initial pre-production slightly. On site we will work slower than normal to ensure a measured approach is taken, this will impact the quantity of footage able to be captured but is a must when ensuring our staff and client safety.