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The Brief

Winstons Wish were looking to create a TV advertisement to drive charitable donations whilst also raising awareness around what they do as a charity.


As this was their first TV ad they needed to be supported through the ClearCast process.

The Challenge

The TV advertisement needed to communicate the real emotion behind bereavement for children without over dramatising it or being insensitive.


We had to strike a fine balance between being sensitive to what children go through, whilst staying true to the realities of losing a family member.

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The Solution

We drew inspiration from real life stories of children who have been supported by Winston’s Wish to script a relatable home scenario for what a child who lost a parent would experience.

We went for a cinematic look, incorporating close ups to bring the viewer as close to the scene as possible. The complete focus of the video was the child’s reactions and emotions, as they are the ones who benefit from Winston’s Wish as a charity.

“Very happy with this video.”

Sarah Kemp - Product Manager
Property Academy

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