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The Brief

Estate agents White & Guard were starting to use 360° viewings of films due to the Covid-19 restrictions.


They wanted a video to showcase the full benefits of this service to their client base, as well as highlight how their approach differed to other estate agents.

The Challenge

One of the key selling points of White & Guard’s approach is that their agents lead potential house buyers on the virtual viewing rather than leaving them to view properties alone. So, we needed to show the estate agent and client interactions through a number of different devices. 


We also needed to showcase the features of the camera in a way that was more engaging than a simple explanation interview.

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The Solution

We took the approach of incorporating all the important information in a chronological story, making it more realistic and relatable for the audience. 


This approach enabled us to show virtual calls between the White & Guard’s agents and house buyers and utilise the different devices we needed.

To bring this story to life, we combined standard filming with animation, superimposing screen recordings onto the various devices using green screens.


We then used motion tracking and animation to highlight key features on screen.

“The film PinPoint produced for us is awesome – we love it! We’re all really pleased with how it tuned out.”

Steve White - Co-Founder
White and Guard

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