Winston’s Wish – Sky AdSmart TV Advert

Supporting a charity through their first TV advertisement.

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The Brief

Winston’s Wish needed a TV commercial based around Christmas 2021 to run through to January 2022 with the objective of driving charitable donations. The TV commercial needed to communicate the real emotion behind bereavement for children without over dramatising it or being insensitive.


The Challenge

We had to strike a fine balance between being sensitive to what children go through, whilst staying true to the realities of losing a family member.

We did this by drawing inspiration from real life stories of children who have been supported by Winston’s Wish to create the script. We then filmed in a cinematic style, incorporating close ups to bring viewers as close to the scene as possible and ensure the child’s reactions and emotions are the focus of the video.

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The Outcome

Working with Sky AdSmart and Clearcast on the commissioning of the TVC we were able to build a clear media plan of spend and projected reach. We decided upon using AdSmart to distribute our advert as it gave us the ability to access millions of Sky and Virgin homes by strategically selecting Winston’s Wish’s ideal audience, social stature and location; meaning that we could be sure only the right households, with the correct income, would see the ad.

Of course we were mindful of total spend due to Winston’s Wish being a charity, which is why we used AdSmart as we could make sure that Winston’s Wish would only pay for airing once someone had actually watched the ad. This means that every penny worked hard!

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