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“Mate that was so much fun and the quality of the podcast is so much better than anything ese out there, loved it!”

Matthew McNiell Love – Co Founder, Thursday Dating

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The Brief

In 2020 during the pandemic business leaders felt alone, there was nobody to talk to for advice and as the saying goes “it’s lonely at the top” – Oliver wanted to speak to other founder entrepreneurs who were going through hardship due to the pandemic, traveling around the country wasn’t aloud and a phone call or zoom felt a little basic, developing a show from the problem that was scalable, enjoyable and able to be done remotely was critical.


The Challenge

Starting remotely and without visuals initially, conversations were had internationally with business leaders and founders about how they started, the mistakes they made, trials and tribulations. What was supposed to be about the ‘here and now’ (the pandemic) turned into so much more of an educational and entertainment show.

Over the forthcoming 2 years the show developed from audio only into a full studio production with a 3 man crew, purpose built studio, filming, recording audio and editing as well as a headline sponsor and social campaigns being pushed out around episodes.



The Outcome

A 660% ROI has been generated from the podcast netting annualized revenues of £228,000. This has been identified through the winning of clients having appeared on the podcast, paid for speaking events and sponsorship deals.

From launch of the podcast through to distribution, airing and social campaigns the uptake and traction of the show has been enormous and witnessed first hand. Host Oliver has gone from presenting the podcast in his office through to a studio set up and recently, has been taking bookings for 2023 as a keynote speaker and to appear on other podcasts, this is entirely off the back of Success Is In The Mind.

With a live SIITM podcast stage at Ideas Fest 2023 where the podcast will have a live, interacting audience and influential panel through to Oliver speaking at the Web Summit 2023 in Toronto and Lisbon, the personal branding, influence and commercial opportunities opened up by the podcast have been phenomenal.

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