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The Brief

Smith & Sinclair wanted a piece of video content that was engaging, colourful and on brand to use on their stand at an event that could also be used in the offices after the event.


The video needed to be silent however still powerful enough to entice the audience into watching.

The Challenge

We needed to tie the video together through the use of visuals only whilst  ensuring that it told the story of the brand without any audio or text.


We also needed to find ways to make the sweets look futuristic and delicious.

Smith & Sinclair logo

The Solution

We used impactful, on brand and colourful images and ensured that the frame was always interesting, through the use of props, colouramas, a turntable and a smoke machine. 

We also utilised the smoke machine to give the sweets a futuristic look alongside colour manipulation and beautifully thought out frames.

“Love love love. The feel of the video is exactly what we wanted! Amazing!”

Melanie Goldsmith - Chief Executive Officer
Smith & Sinclair

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