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The Brief

Originally we were approached by ECMA and ProCarton to film and produce an interview as the half-time entertainment for their annual awards.


However, due to Covid-19 restrictions they approached us part way through the project to ask if we could produce a virtual version of their awards show.


As the date for the awards was set, we had 4 weeks to pull together a virtual solution.

The Challenge

Attendees to the awards come from all across Europe and for each award nominees are shown on screen with the winner coming up on stage to collect their award and say a few words.


Our biggest challenge was to retain this element, creating a sense of anticipation by seeing all of the nominees onscreen and capturing the live reaction of the winner, followed by an interview.

ProCarton and ECMA awards Logo

The Solution

We used a studio in London to create a virtual set, which also allowed us to incorporate the sponsors into the show, either in the background or through onscreen animation.


Our team created a unique animated sequence for each award, which included the actual award and within that had a space to bring in the live reaction of the person who won.


This approach required a high volume of digital assets with video, animation and nominees being pulled together and shown every 10 seconds to the audience.


To manage this process we used 3 full time Zoom Producers, to manage the flow of nominees coming in and out of the live show.


This team managed Zoom rooms with the nominees from all over Europe and pulling nominees into the show one at a time, every 10-15 seconds.


To keep the experience engaging for the audience, we incorporated an interactive quiz, which ran throughout the event as well as including our original halftime entertainment, an interview with Olympian Eddie the Eagle.


Despite being an incredibly complex production, our team oversaw the whole process calmly and cooly ensuring all nominees, winners and presenters had an enjoyable awards show!

“We found the team at PinPoint Media to be constructive, highly competent and importantly accommodating of our requests no matter how bizarre. We enjoyed working with Fergus and Luke and hope we might do it again.”

Tony Hitchin - General Manager
Pro Carton

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