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Creating awareness around a revolutionary dementia device!

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The Brief

People with dementia getting lost or going missing is a problem worldwide and for those whose loved ones have dementia knowing where they are and that they are safe is crucial. Pentland Medical has a revolutionary device called Otiom, which can be used to prevent people with dementia from becoming lost.

They needed video content to help introduce this device, explain how it works and the benefits it provides to those diagnosed with dementia and their carers.



The Challenge

Otiom uses the Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) to determine outdoor locations, so we needed to simply showcase how this technology is used to prevent people with dementia from becoming lost.

Our team used 3D animation as this approach gave us the flexibility to model the Otiom device itself, visually present the steps required to set it up, showcase how it works both inside and outside and other key benefits to the end users.



The Outcome

Our 3D animation simply explains the aim of Otiom, who it is for, as well as showcasing how easily this revolutionary device can be set up and used.

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