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3D Animation of part of a soundproofing board
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The Brief

Oscar Acoustics needed a photorealistic 3D explainer animation that clearly explains how to use their iso mount type 3.

The Challenge

As the animation needed to show exactly what you would do if you were using the product in real life we needed to make sure we were modelling the iso mount type 3 exactly.


Customers needed to be able to follow the video to understand how to use the product, so the animation needed to reflect all of the details in terms of the process step-by-step.

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The Solution

Our animator had samples of the iso mount type 3 and used this alongside drawings to make sure the that the modelling is exactly the same as the real item.

Then using impeccable attention to detail, we used this model to create an animation which follows every single step of the process.

“Love love love. The feel of the video is exactly what we wanted! Amazing!”

Melanie Goldsmith - Chief Executive Officer
Smith & Sinclair

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