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The Brief

National Pen wanted a video to tell the story of how important a pen is for branding and growing a business.


They video needed to show how a pen can impact business, from a branding, marketing and practical standpoint.

The Challenge

For this video we needed to take something incredibly ubiquitous that people don’t necessarily think of as special and help them realise the importance behind it as a usable object.


The approach we took meant that we needed to work in a number of different locations, which threw up a number of unique challenges. We also needed to ensure that the video worked for both a UK and international market.

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The Solution

We decided to show the pen in multiple different situations, from more exciting ones to day-to-day activities to show how multifunctional an important a pen is in many situations. 

We then used a blend of filmed and stock footage elements so that we could show both UK and internationally filmed elements.

“It’s been a pleasure working with you and the team, we love the final edit.”

Sarah Garvey - Global Communications Manager
National Pen

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