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The Brief

In light of the pandemic Malvern St James Girls’ School needed a virtual tour of the school to show potential parents and pupils.


The video needed to give an overview of the school culture and the feel of the classrooms, as well as showcase the facilities and curriculum.


They wanted the approach to be purely visual with onscreen text highlighting key selling points and stats.

The Challenge

We had one filming day and in that time we needed to capture the full school curriculum and culture whilst ensuring that the lighting and setup was on point.


We also had a tight deadline for editing and amends with the client.

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The Solution

Because we only had a single day for filming we lengthened our filming day starting at 7:30am-6pm to ensure we could fit in as much filming as possible.

We also ensured that our production schedule was as tight as possible, so we knew where we were going to be and when, with the right teachers and pupils in place.


We also used a gimbal, so that we could move swiftly between scenes. These approaches allowed us to capture footage as quickly as possible and then move on.

Once we had taken the project into post production, we made sure the client was aware of the SLAs. This meant that feedback was provided quickly during the editing stage, making sure the project stayed on time.


We also expedited logging of the footage so we could meet their deadline.

“This looks great thank you (lots of happy faces in the office!)… I have had feedback from pretty much everyone now and everyone is soo pleased!… You are AMAZING thank you!”

Stephanie Tait - Marketing Manager
Malvern St James Girls' School

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