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The Brief

Losberger is known around the world for designing and manufacturing the very best in temporary and semi-permanent structure systems to meet the demands of any and every event imaginable.


They needed a suite of videos showcasing their work at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The videos needed to capture both the initial design and planning stages, the build process and the finished structures at the festival.


As part of this they wanted to create a sting to provide a glimpse into the work that was being put in.

The Challenge

Losberger pride themselves on being forward thinkers and idea creators and as such any videos needed to reflect that same level of innovation and creativity.


The sting in particular needed to be a creative showcase of the calibre of work that Losberger put into a project, how they operate, the speed of their service and the unrivalled quality of the finished product.

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The Solution

We decided to utilise enhanced sound design to drive the energy of the piece, keeping the pace high as the video moved through the different processes leading up to the build of the finished structures.


This approach meant letting the sounds of these processes create the beat, rather than using a soundtrack. Some of these sounds we captured organically whilst filming and simply embellished them in post-production and others we sourced externally to really give the film the momentum and life-force that we wanted in order to optimise it for distribution on social media.

This approach also enabled our editing team to cut the footage together in a style that moved effortless from one step to the next, with the perfect mixture of wide sweeping shots and close ups on intricate details, whilst at all times ensuring that the structures created were the star of the show.  


The result is an entrancing short video that hooks viewers into the build process, perfect for social media!

“Very happy with this video.”

Sarah Kemp - Product Manager
Property Academy

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