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The Brief

Lignia produce Lignia Yacht, an engineered wood that is more sustainable than teak but hardwearing enough to be used as a teak substitute.


They were providing Spirit Yacht with Lignia Yacht and wanted to publicise this new partnership in a video that also highlighted the benefits of their engineered wood.


The Challenge

For this video we needed to film a yacht but Lignia only had access to the yacht in port for a week, which meant we had to move quickly.


To get some of the shots required, we also needed to use a drone for filming. However, masts from the boats in harbour, meant that we had to be careful when filming to ensure that footage was smooth and the drone was not damaged.

Lignia wood made for life logo

The Solution

Because we had limited time to film the yacht in port, we had to move fast. We expedited our production documents (such as drone filming permissions), to ensure that we could set a filming day as quickly as possible.

We also ensured that we kept an eye on the weather, so that we set filming for a day when we could get the best footage.


On the day we ensured we had a spotter, to make sure that the drone avoided all of the masts.

“Very happy with this video.”

Sarah Kemp - Product Manager
Property Academy

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