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The Brief

James Caan contacted us to repurpose and edit existing educational content to advertise the type of advice readers would receive in his free e-books. These were being released in newspapers across the United Kingdom, including the Daily Express and The Mirror. 


The purpose was to offer bite-sized pieces of educational video content as a ‘teaser’ for what readers would receive when reading his now free e-books – called ‘Start Your Business in 7 Days’ and ‘Get the Job You Really Want’. This content would then be provided to all the newspapers to use across their own social media platforms.

The Challenge

Our team had to sort through hours of past interviews and recordings to select content that related directly to these two books. We then needed to look at the video and audio quality of the content and find a way to successfully work with a number of clips with low-quality sound recording and low-resolution footage in the edit process. Finally, we needed to include a number of messages, credible reviews and key information in each short piece with a view to producing 20 pieces of content within just five to eight working days.

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The Solution

By selecting and cutting down old interviews into succinct and relevant nuggets of content, we were able to create short video clips that conveyed James’ knowledge and value without having to record anything new at all. 

We included reviews and key messages on screen in a simple way, adding subtitles and ensuring they were optimised for all social media platforms.

“Oliver and his team produced a series of videos for me. The production and delivery of the project was timely and professional and I’m pleased the content has repeatedly received excellent praise!”

James Caan
Serial Entrepreneur

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