CANNA Team GB Influencer Documentary

“We absolutely love the documentary! PinPoint did a fantastic job of capturing James’ journey to the Olympics in an engaging and creative way that speaks to our audience.” – Josh Hall 

CANNA Team GB Influencer Documentary

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The Brief

CANNA were looking at new ways that they could access one of their key demographics, 16 – 35 year old males, living within low economic inner city areas. As such there was decision to use Team GB Athlete and Influencer, James Jones, as an ambassador for the CANNA brand due to the perfect synergy between James’ story and background and the desired target audience.

The content needed to be vibrant & expressive but still feel raw and authentic at its heart.


The Challenge

We needed to create a piece of content that both connected with the target audience but also didn’t alienate that of CANNA’s current audience. With the previously produced Grower Diaries series we had proven that the documentary format had been a success with already established audiences and so decided upon this as the format. The only challenge then was ensuring that tonally the piece hit the mark with the new audiences, yet still maintained the standard of production set by the grower diaries series. 

To overcome this, on location we incorporated a more raw unfiltered approach through fly-on-wall documentary filmmaking techniques in conjunction with a highly polished studio piece where James held the role as both presenter and narrator for the series. To ensure that this “studio” didn’t feel corporate or “too broadcast” we utilised a unique warehouse location with exposed brick, pipes and graffiti over the walls. We complimented this with dynamic lighting to ensure that the piece hit the right balance between high-production and grit. 

James Jones CS2
James Jones CS3


The Outcome

The series had several breakouts, snippets and trailers produced in order to promote and market the series. These were tailored with the target audience in mind. This target audience was typically aged 20-35, from low economic backgrounds, interested in football and driven by status and reputation. These pillars are woven through every piece of marketing collateral we produced for CANNA as this was essential to ensure that the series had the best chance of hitting and resonating with a new audience.

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