Showcasing the levels of workmanship in GripCore material.

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Case Study GripCore Brief


The Brief

DoorCo needed a product explainer to demonstrate the stages and various processes that are carried out to create a GripCore composite door.

The video needed to be designed to sit on their website to provide more information about how GripCore composite doors are made and their unique benefits.


The Challenge

The stages and processes behind creating a GripCore composite door are complex, so we needed to create an explainer video which is informative but still engaging.

We used photorealistic 3D animation for the video, this allowed us to delve deeper into the layers that make up a GripCore composite door through an exploded technique. To retain the interest of the viewer we used 360-degree movements and on screen typography to provide additional detail.

To simplify the animation we concentrated on the four key stages of manufacture focusing on the core, cross section, exploded core and finally the completed “Monza” product.

Case Study GripCore Challenge
Case Study GripCore Result


The Outcome

The end result is a slick and engaging 3D animation that showcases the process of GripCore composite doors to customers who visit the DoorCo website.

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