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The Brief

Farmers Weekly host an annual awards ceremony in London. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this awards ceremony could not take place in person so they approached us to help the create a virtual version of the awards.


They were conscious that holding their audiences attention for 2 hours virtually is very different to being in a banquet hall in person, so they wanted to split the awards show into 5 individual 20-minute episodes.


As well as the awards content, they also wanted each episode to include elements of entertainment, so that they could be as engaging as possible.

The Challenge

One of the big logistical challenges was to create a format that included presenters, nominees and sponsors from across the UK in a cost and time effective way.


We also had to capture video content of some of the winners, without actually revealing to them that they had won! This was crucial as the footage was recorded at least a month before the shows aired.

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The Solution

In order to capture all of the different groups of people as effectively as possible we split them into three separate groups.


The presenter sections we filmed all in one day at a single location. As Adam Henson was one of the presenters, we were able to use his farm for this filming.


We then invited all of the sponsors to come to a single location to each separately film their winner announcements. Those who couldn’t attend, were able to submit footage directly to us.


Finally, we sent a small crew out to a select number of the biggest winners, such as Farmer of the Year and interviewed them in a way that didn’t reveal them to be the winner.

Our animation team created a bespoke animation that ran throughout all of the episodes. A virtual book of ‘The A to Z of Farming’, this included a farming related definition for each letter of the alphabet, which related directly to experience of the farming industry during 2020.


For each individual episode we also filmed stand alone entertainment content, such as the singing farmer!


The way we approached the project, meant that the awards were watched by more people than ever before with viewers watching episodes on the day of release and for days, weeks and months afterwards. Showcasing the winners, sponsors and industry to a greater audience than ever before!

“I just wanted to say a big thank you on all your work helping get the show together its been a whirl wind month or two, but it’s been really great working with you on this project and I do hope I have will have the opportunity to work with PinPoint again in the future.”

Alma Watson - Head
Farmers Weekly Awards

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