Farmers Apprentice

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Farmers Weekly have now decided to run it again in 2021 rather than every other year.

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Over the course of the series.

The Brief

Farmers Apprentice is a bi-annual programme by Farmers Weekly designed to help recruit the best young business minds into agriculture. We had previously produced the programme in 2018 but this time needed to find a way to do it despite the restrictions put in place by the global COVID pandemic.

The Challenge

Due to COVID, the university that was going to provide the filming venue pulled out because of health and safety concerns. So, we needed a new location, fast, and one that allowed us to film around 30 people in the safest and most socially distanced way possible.

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The Solution

We decided to film on a live farm rather than an agricultural university. This meant there would be less people, but we still needed to have all the tech required for the challenges. We also had to find a way of housing and feeding 30 people, on a live working farm whilst ensuring the space was COVID secure. 

We had all of the crew, apprentices and judges tested, who then went into isolation for 7 days, before being tested again and travelling to the farm. We also constructed temporary accommodation and brought caterers in so the farm could become a secure COVID bubble.

“PinPoint have once again ensured our project is a success with an amazing end result and a lot of hand-holding throughout. Nothing was too much bother and all stakeholders on this project have commented to us how the right balance between professional and relaxed was struck both in the lead-up to and during the filming week.”

Tony Hill - Marketing and Events Director
Farmers Weekly

“Always happy to recommend their services to anyone wanting to ensure they get the best possible result! Thanks PinPoint team.”

Tony Hill - Marketing and Events Director
Farmers Weekly

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