England’s Medieval Festival

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The Brief

The fairy tale setting of Herstmonceaux Castle in East Sussex plays host to over 15,000 visitors every August Bank Holiday weekend, all of whom immerse themselves in the wonderful sights, sounds and spectacle of England’s Medieval Festival.


Celebrating its 25th Anniversary in 2017, the team at this most authentic event of its kind in the UK, approached us to create a promotional video capturing the festival in all its glory, with the aim of encouraging more people to attend the festival and convert existing day visitors to weekend guests.

The Challenge

The client wanted to push the fact that their festival is not like any other ‘medieval festival’ in the UK. Theirs is a unique, one-of-a-kind medieval themed weekend festival, with jousting and archery, battle enactments, food and drink, live music and camping.


They wanted the video to emphasise that the festival is not only for medieval enthusiasts, allowing them to also target families and couples. In order to showcase that the festival can cater to all three of these audiences, whilst filming the event, we needed to make sure that we captured a little bit of everything.

The Solution

We needed to ensure that we had a clear pre-conceived style in mind for the video before filming, so as to nail down exactly which elements of the festival we wanted to capture.


We brought one of our editors into the pre-production process and got input of how best to approach the video from a stylistic perspective in order to pay tribute to the medieval heart of the festival, but also emphasise the ‘fun for all’ aspect that the client wanted.


We decided to structure the video with a day-to-night narrative, using hero shots of various medieval re-enactors and characters to showcase the theme of the festival. 

This allowed our wider coverage of the event itself to focus on capturing the reactions of the attendees and depicting their journey through the site from pitching their tents in the early morning to frolicking amidst the evening entertainment and final fireworks display.


Having our Projects Manager Fergus Bruce running the event itself certainly made the logistical arrangements for the filming a whole lot easier and being able to bring along our trusty drone pilot also enabled us to do justice to the scope of the festival site.


A soundtrack supplied by one of the bands performing at the festival was the finishing touch to a video that truly encapsulated the spirit of the event.

“Very happy with this video.”

Sarah Kemp - Product Manager
Property Academy

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