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The Brief

Dark Stag is a professional barber tools brand that prides itself on respecting the history of this ancient profession and helping today’s barbers to shape the future of the industry.


Its products are all designed around the idea of upholding the traditions of the craft of barbering, whilst also providing modern-day barbers with the tools they need to push that craft forward. 


They were looking for a video to encapsulate this ethos and give viewers insight into who they are, what they do and what they stand for.

The Challenge

Whilst Dark Stag were naturally looking for a video to showcase the quality of their products, they also wanted to ensure that the narrative of where their brand sits within the history of barbering permeated throughout the piece.


The video needed to tell the story not just about Dark Stag the brand, but about the craft of barbering.

Dark Stag logo

The Solution

We worked closely with the client to come up with a script that we felt did justice to the values of Dark Stag and the traditions of barbering.


The location and set design both needed to serve as the backdrop to our story in order to create a living, breathing environment for the scissors and other tools to exist in where they would stand out, but not appear ostentatious.


We used colours, textures and props that complemented the tools, but also added to the authenticity of the environment we were trying to create.

In the edit suite during post-production we used a grade that pushed the lighting and design decisions we had made on set to their extreme, with subtle elements of sound design just give the film that little bit of flair and polish.


We then used the rich, gravelly tones of the client themselves to give the video a level of personality and charisma that brought it to life.

“Very happy with this video.”

Sarah Kemp - Product Manager
Property Academy

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